Development kits, connection material and antenna systems

Combi antenna (2x 4G/5G, 2x WiFi, 1x GNSS)

Compact and robust combi antenna for outdoor use on vehicles with five antenna elements and excellent reception characteristics.

Wiring harness combi antenna

High-quality five-way bundled antenna connection cables for easy installation.

M12 Ethernet cables

Ethernet cables M12 X-coded and M12 D-coded to RJ45.

Connector set 30-pole with terminals

Cable harness connectors in various codings for connecting Neural-Box mobile, Neural-Box visu and sensor / actuator modules.

Tool kit for 30-pin connectors

Crimping pliers and push-out tool for assembling the 30-pole connectors in development.

Antenna kit for development (2x 4G/5G, 2x WiFi, 1x GNSS)

Single antenna set for screwing directly onto the SMA connectors for development purposes.

Connection kit Neural-Box for development

Powerful power supply and connection kit for the Neural-Box mobile and Neural-Box visu for development purposes.

ISOBUS connection box for development

For transparent handling of ISOBUS, CAN and diagnostic components on one bus.